FBR Directs Taxmen to Update Profiles Under HRIS

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FBR Directs Taxmen to Update Profiles Under HRIS

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has directed all tax officials to update their profiles under the human resource information system (HRIS).

In this regard, the FBR issued instructions to all Directors General/Chief Commissioners Inland Revenue and Chief Collectors/Directors General/Collectors Customs on Friday.

According to the FBR’s directive to the field formations, the HRIS data is not being updated by most of the field formations of FBR despite repeated instructions issued by the Board from time to time. The Competent Authority, taking a serious view of the matter, has desired that all Heads of field formations shall ensure the updation of HRIS data on daily basis without fail.

For this purpose, the available IT staff would be trained forthwith by the respective field formations, to ensure the sanctioned strength of each office is matched with the Budget Order and is updated immediately on the transfer of any post in or out of the office concerned.

To ensure that the working strength in each cadre indicated in the HRIS data is updated on a daily basis, the recording of such events in the HMS system should be made on the same day as the transfer (in/out), retirement, death, removal/dismissal, or any other punishment, as the case may be.

The affected officers and personnel should update their profiles in the HRIS system on the same day through the ADC/DC (Hqrs) in question, according to the FBR.

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