5 Countries provide visas without an offer letter

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5 Countries provide visas without an offer letter

Looking to move abroad but without a letter of employment offer? Your plans don’t necessarily need to be canceled because of it. You can look for work without a sponsor or an offer letter while living in the nation for a specific amount of time with a job seeker visa, which functions as a temporary residency permit. In the majority of nations, if you find work and fulfill the requirements, you can be granted permanent residence.

These are the top five nations that provide work visas.

United Arab Emirates

Eligibility criteria: You must hold a position in the first, second, or third skill level, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization’s (MOHRE) professional levels of employment, as a lawmaker, manager, business executive, professional or technician in a scientific, technological, or humanitarian field. Alternatively, you must be a recent graduate from one of the top 500 universities in the world as determined by the Ministry of Education and have completed your studies within the last two years. You must be able to provide the required financial guarantee and possess a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Documents: A valid passport, color photos, and qualification certificates with attestations.


If you have completed courses leading to an advanced degree, you can apply for a residency permit to travel to Sweden to hunt for employment or to investigate the possibility of starting your own business.

Eligibility criteria: You must have finished your coursework towards an advanced degree. This indicates that your degree must be equivalent to a postgraduate/Ph.D. level degree, a professional degree worth 60–330 credits, a 60–120 credit Master’s degree, or a 60–60 credit Master’s degree.

Documents: A valid passport, academic transcripts, verification of sufficient income, health insurance, and a digital copy of a signed letter granting the Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) permission to contact institutions of higher learning in your home country to verify your academic credentials.


Eligibility criteria: While the eligibility information is not available on the official website, contact the Portuguese Government’s Diplomatic Portal for more information.

Documents: A completed visa application, a passport valid for three months, two pictures, a criminal record certificate, travel insurance, and documentation demonstrating sufficient funds to cover at least three months of living expenses.


Eligibility criteria: You must be at least 18 years old, have a bachelor’s degree, and have at least five years of professional experience. To demonstrate your ability to support yourself while you hunt for work in Germany, you will need to provide evidence of your financial stability. This could take the shape of a blocked account for the amount of €5,604 (about Rs4,94,105) or an obligation letter from a sponsor.

Documents: A valid passport with at least 12 months left on it that was issued within the last ten years, three passport images, a cover letter, proof of academic achievement, proof of where you will be living and your financial situation, your CV, proof of health insurance, and your birth certificate or Aadhar card.


To “extremely highly qualified workers,” Austria grants a job-seeker visa (experienced top-level personnel, such as scientists and senior-level top managers).

Eligibility criteria: Austria has a 100-point set of requirements for extremely highly qualified employees, and you must meet at least 70 of them. A few examples of the talents and credentials on the list are accolades, academic degrees, research and innovation, gross compensation, and language fluency.

Documents: A valid passport, a photo, proof of local housing, proof of health insurance, and evidence of sufficient means of sustenance, as well as documentation proving each of the specific requirements you checked off on the points list.

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