Punjab Govt. Updates Science Subject Passing Criteria

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Punjab Govt. Updates Science Subject Passing Criteria

The Punjab government has stated its plan to modify the requirements for passing the matriculation and intermediate exams in science starting with the following academic year.

According to a decision made by the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC), students must now obtain an overall score of 66 out of 200 in order to pass each science course in the yearly exams. The previous standard for passing scientific fields required a 33% average on both theoretical and practical exams.

Additionally, the provincial government has agreed to commence the yearly tests for intermediate and matriculation in March of the succeeding academic year. During an IBCC meeting in Islamabad, the decision was made to change the passing requirements for science subjects.

Nine intermediate and secondary education boards from the province met with their chairs to discuss the issues that lead more students to fail scientific courses. An IBCC known stated that the committee looked at the science-related topic grading system because of the high failure rate across all boards.

Previously, students had succeeded in passing both the theory and practical exams. Students who excelled on the theory exams frequently fail because they perform poorly on the practical exams. According to the updated standards, students will only need 66 total marks across both of their science examinations to pass the matriculation or intermediate level, even if they fail the practical test.

In addition, the province’s matriculation and intermediate exams will start in March due to the particularly hot summer weather. The province’s educational system will be strengthened by these changes, which will also give students greater chances to succeed in their educational pursuits.

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