Hijab-clad Amina Hanif is eager to inspire young footballer

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Hijab-clad Amina Hanif is eager to inspire young footballer

Amina Hanif, a midfielder for Pakistan, has talked openly about playing football while wearing a hijab, a headscarf that is tied around the neck and head. Amina said in an interview with The Guardian that at first, it was challenging for her to play with the headscarf but that things improved over time.

Amina stated, “I used to think that I stand out so greatly while wearing a hijab, and it lowered my confidence and distracted me from my game. “After some time, something suddenly clicked, and I stopped giving a damn about almost everything. When nothing affects you, it feels extremely amazing, she added. Amina, who recently made her Pakistani debut, hopes to serve as an example for girls her age who play football.

“I like to be different; the hijab makes me stand out more on the field. My main difficulty these days is covering my pins from the referee before the game or readjusting my headscarf after heading the ball. I’ve been offered a Nike hijab, but I plan to make my own iconic instead,” the woman stated.

“Playing at the highest level has always been my dream. However, until this opportunity, I had never really heard much about the Pakistan women’s team. It only shows that you can’t predict where life will lead you.

“The Pakistani community is not represented in many sports in the United Kingdom. But by being a part of the team, I’m hoping that this will inspire other girls in Pakistan and the UK to pursue sports and their ambitions. She also had faith in Pakistan’s homegrown talent to succeed if a sound football infrastructure was in place.

“Pakistan has such a large population, and believe me, both boys and girls have talent. Just a real setup or scouting should have been done, it’s a shame. By helping the national team achieve greater success, I aim to inspire other girls to believe it is important to work hard and follow their goals, she said.

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