Is CICO Diet helpful in losing weight?

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Is CICO Diet helpful in losing weight?

With an immense obsession for looking cool everyone is just freaking out to have a perfect body shape. Though it’s a healthy sign too, the young generation without paying heed to health insecurities follows a trend blindly.

When it comes to family functions, do overweight people often face bullying?

Are you hesitant of wearing your favorite outfit just because of your bulky size?

Are you a victim of depression just because of your obesity?

Then hold on because in this post we will discuss the famous diet plan CICO. Either, it is helpful to make a perfect body or it is just an absurd thought that is trending nowadays.

What CICO Diet Exactly Is?

CICO is actually an abbreviation for “calories in and calories out”. It’s not a specific diet but it is just a concept of calorie deficit by taking calories and then burning them on a daily basis which will lead you to lose weight relatively consuming more calories will lead you to gain weight.

Why Is This CICO Trend Outbreaking?

Our young generation is obsessed with social media, influencers have made life calculated and anyone having a pretty face and good mobile considers it his duty to impress the dudes and look cool. Youngsters are becoming the prey of this facade conspiracy.

Is the CICO diet will help to get a perfect shape?

Paul Salter, RD, CSCS says that” The foundation of weight loss is purely related to the relationship between the number of calories you burn.” Another nutritionist in Florida says that” if you are in a deficit you are going to lose weight. Conversely, if you are in a surplus you will gain weight.

So being mindful of eating will help you to maintain your weight. As 1 pound is equal to 3500 calories so if you want to lose a pound a week you will have to follow the plan accordingly.

Is the CICO diet plan easy to follow?

It may seem cool when we hear this diet plan by our favorite celebrity but implementing it in its actual form is a hard nut to crack. Sticking to your diet and eating what you want to eat and then burning an equal amount of calories will be a hurdle to cross. But an eye-opening study by an American Psychologist depicts that one to two-thirds of all dieters regain more than they lost within a time span of 4 to 5 years. If you eat junk all day long you will have to face energy deficiency in no time.

What should be eaten in the CICO diet?

It is just a simple way that eats clean. A nutritionist while asked about what is clean replied that all the food that was present before the 19th century should be eaten. This illustrates that eating hygienic organic foods will escalate your energy and will help you to lose weight.

Can’t Resists Food Will It Be Helpful?

It will definitely help if you can stick to your CICO, workout exercise and a healthy lifestyle will surely help to get your desired result. Healthy people often take diet as a nightmare because they can’t resist eating. And staying away from food is like a tough job. They feel it pertinent to just let life pass on.

Side Effect Of CICO:

The biggest side effect is that it doesn’t provide guidance on how to divide eat nutrients. But a high intake of proteins is good for weight lo

In a crux, CICO is a better way to opt for those who can’t stick to long chart plans. It definitely will keep you in your comfort zone by just giving you some calculations to follow. Make proper portions of each nutrient and take them to overcome the energy deficit. Without getting worried about how long you are overweight just try to start a simple diet plan. Drink plenty of water and do exercise. The calorie machine will also help to stick to the diet plan…But just blindly following it and compromising on your health will not let you live a healthy life.

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