Punjab Govt launches Kisan Card to encourage farmer welfare and agricultural progress

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Punjab Govt launches Kisan Card to encourage farmer welfare and agricultural progress

Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz opened the Kisan Card registration procedure on Tuesday.

The project’s goals are to improve the province’s farmers’ socioeconomic circumstances and the agriculture industry as a whole.

According to a spokeswoman for the province government, Punjabi farmers would benefit thanks to the Kisan Card.

Land Record Center registration is required for farmers to register their land for the Kisan Card. Furthermore, their ID card number must be recorded on their mobile SIM card; this will be confirmed by looking up the information in NADRA records.

By inputting “PKC” and their ID card number, farmers can apply for registration by texting the code “8070” to their cell phones.

Farmers with holdings of up to 12.5 acres would be eligible for loans of up to Rs12 lakh through the Kisan Card. These interest-free loans have a six-month repayment schedule and are due in convenient installments.

Additionally, the government has declared that it will offer farmers through the Kisan Card production loans totaling Rs300 billion a year, allowing them to buy seeds, fertilizer, and other agricultural supplies.

The Kisan Card will help 5 lakh farmers in Punjab and make a major contribution to the agricultural growth of the state, according to Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

The project intends to assist farmers’ lives by giving them simple access to agricultural inputs.

The government of Punjab is working to enhance the agricultural industry and the socioeconomic standing of farmers, and one aspect of this work is the Kisan Card.

Additionally, the government has approved the creation of Model Agriculture Centers and an innovative center of excellence for rice, wheat, and cotton crop research and development.

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