Utility Stores Corporation Massively Reduces Oil & Ghee Prices

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Utility Stores Corporation Massively Reduces Oil & Ghee Prices

The Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has announced an important reduction in the pricing of branded ghee and cooking oil at its outlets across the nation to alleviate the financial burden on citizens. The decision was made in response to the strain that rising food prices have placed on household finances.

The price of branded ghee has been decreased to Rs. 60 per kilogram, according to a notification released by the USC.

This action intends to lower the price of ghee for the general people, enabling them to continue utilizing this essential culinary ingredient without having to put a strain on their budgets. The notification also notes a drop in the price of cooking oil from Rs. 37 to 59.

Citizens, particularly those with little money, should applaud USC’s decision to reduce the cost of these essential kitchen necessities.

The lower prices at utility stores will ease the strain of rising food prices and guarantee that households across the nation have access to inexpensive, high-quality cooking essentials.

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