Margalla Avenue in Islamabad is now open for traffic

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Margalla Avenue in Islamabad is now open for traffic

Margalla Avenue in Islamabad has finally been inaugurated by Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif.

From Sangjani to Bhara Kahu, the six-lane road has three lanes on each side. The section of the road between GT Road and E-12 Toll Plaza has been finished and made traffic-ready in the first phase.

The specifics indicate that the project suffered a few scope adjustments. The road was initially planned to have four lanes (two on each side), but it was later expanded to six lanes.

Additionally, electrical equipment and road sign installation were upgraded to meet motorway requirements. The PM discovered at the briefing that adding underpasses, like the one at Shah Allah Ditta, lengthened the duration of the project.

According to the project official, the road will cut the distance between Sangjani and Islamabad travel time in half, to just seven minutes. According to him, the road will significantly lessen the load on nearby express highways like the Srinagar Highway.

The project and the department’s efforts to complete it have been acknowledged by the PM.

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