WhatsApp updates the tint color on macOS in the new update

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Users of the popular messaging service WhatsApp have noticed numerous changes to the macOS version of the program as the business works to improve the user interface.

All users who have the most recent version of the software can currently access these recently announced changes, according to WaBetaInfo.

The most recent version of the app allows all users to access recently introduced upgrades.

Internet DeskMay 07, 2023

On a phone in the image is the WhatsApp logo. the AFP/File

On a phone in the image is the WhatsApp logo. the AFP/File

The popular messaging service WhatsApp has undergone numerous changes in its macOS client as it works to improve the user experience.

To improve the user interface, the instant messaging program is now working to update the tint color to green.

Everyone who gets one of the most recent upgrades to WhatsApp beta for macOS has access to the new update, termed green tint color.

By adding adjustments to the sidebar last month, WhatsApp enhanced the macOS user interface. The app’s title bar was recently removed in favor of a broader header as part of ongoing efforts to improve the user experience. Numerous icons have also undergone redesigns.

The most recent change is the tint color, which was changed to green to match the application’s new primary color.

The app-tracking website noted that “in particular, all the buttons and interface elements that are blue on iOS now appear green on macOS.” Because the green color adds “another element of differentiation from the iOS application,” users have welcomed this new tweak to the software.

In the upcoming months, the macOS native application will experience further updates and changes.

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