How to Run WhatsApp without internet for IOS and Android

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How to Run WhatsApp without internet for IOS and Android

Run WhatsApp for iOS and Android without Internet

Go back to your phone’s home screen and select aeroplane mode after that. All network connections, including Wi-Fi and mobile data, will be turned off as a result. When you don’t have an internet connection, are you tired of being cut off from your friends and family on WhatsApp? So, stop worrying now! We’ll look at how to use WhatsApp on iOS and Android smartphones without an internet connection in this blog post. These pointers and techniques will help you stay in touch with your loved ones wherever you are, whether you’re on the road or just don’t have internet connection. So take a seat back, unwind, and let’s explore WhatsApp’s offline messaging feature.

How to Run WhatsApp on an iPhone without Internet?

Are you an iPhone user who wishes to use WhatsApp offline? You are lucky, though! Here are some instructions for using WhatsApp on your iPhone even when it’s not connected to the internet.

First, make sure to download and install WhatsApp from the App Store. Open the programme after downloading it, then choose “Settings”. Then click “Account” and then “Security” from there. Turn on “Aeroplane Mode” now.

Open WhatsApp once more after activating Aeroplane mode. There won’t be an internet connection, according to a notice you’ll get. Just disregard it and continue typing your message as usual.

When you’re through writing your message(s), swipe up from the bottom of your screen (for iPhones with a Home button) or down from the top-right corner (for newer models) to entirely close the app. Once the internet connection is back, turn off aeroplane mode once more so that all messages can be sent at once.

You can now use WhatsApp to send messages whenever you want, even when there is no wifi or mobile data available, by following these easy instructions!

How Can an Android Phone Run WhatsApp Without Internet?

Are you tired of having to use your internet connection in order to use WhatsApp? You needn’t worry, though, as WhatsApp can be used on an Android phone without an active internet connection. Here are some easy steps you can take:

Make sure a local Wi-Fi Direct app like “SHAREit” has been installed on both the devices you want to connect to in order to start a conversation. As a result, there will be no need for data to connect the two devices.

Once you’re connected, type your message as usual and press send. The message will then be transmitted by Wi-Fi direct rather than an internet connection.

It’s vital to keep in mind that this technique only functions for sending messages or files directly between two phones without the use of other servers. This strategy may not be successful if there is no nearby Wi-Fi network and/or if several users require access at once.

You can quickly use WhatsApp without an internet connection by following these easy instructions!

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