WhatsApp to release drafted messages indicator soon

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WhatsApp to release drafted messages indicator soon

A new upgrade for the Windows native app has been released by WhatsApp, a Meta-owned program with millions of users worldwide.

The new upgrade, which bears the name “message draughts,” would serve as a reminder for previously written messages that are sometimes unintentionally neglected, claims WaBetaInfo.

Some beta testers already have access to the improved message draught support, and more users will have it in the upcoming days.

Users may notice enhanced support for message draughts in the most recent Windows update.

Even though this functionality has been there for a while, users “often forget that they started composing a message within a conversation because the app does not indicate the presence of a message in the chat bar”

The most recent version added a draught indicator that would allow users to see the detail. A green label with the word “draught” will appear in the chat window if there is a draught message.

This system will make it simple for users to see which chats have pending messages. Additionally, discussions featuring draughts will be displayed at the top of the chat list, focusing users’ attention on these communications.

With this latest update, WhatsApp addressed the problem of overlooked pending messages. Users will be able to see the pending draughts with the help of this feature.

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