Automatic Street Light Installation in Islamabad

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Automatic Street Light Installation in Islamabad

The street lighting system in Islamabad is undergoing a major renovation. An automated system is taking the place of the manual process that has been around for over sixty years. It is anticipated that this modification will increase efficiency by reducing the need for labor and electricity.

With regard to the lamps on 7th Avenue and Saddar Road in Sector G-6, the initiative has already started with a test project.

These days, a computerized system that is set to change on and off these lights based on sunset and sunrise timings controls them. After three weeks of operation, this system has produced favorable results.

The streetlights section of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) had to personally visit each area in order to operate the lights manually in the past. This process required an hour for every sector and necessitated keeping track of hundreds of off-limits boxes strewn all throughout the city.

Better monitoring is made available by the new automated system, which uses a single computer to regulate the lighting. It is also more efficient.

With 42,000 streetlights in Islamabad, the full implementation of this automated system is expected to result in notable improvements in staff productivity and energy efficiency, representing an important step in the infrastructural development of the city.

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