Mahira Khan is Finally Returning to TV

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Mahira Khan is Finally Returning to TV

Mahira Khan, a diva in the entertainment industry, led her followers on Instagram with a sneak peek of her new drama series.

It appears that Mahira is returning to television as she gave fans a sneak peek from the Razia set, which has the look of an amusement park. The drama, which has been eagerly awaited, will air on Express TV.

Mahira posted a few images from the shoot on Instagram. In the caption, she added:

“Insha’Allah, Razia will coming soon on Express Entertainment”.

In the first picture, she is seen reading the script while seated in a chair at an amusement park and wearing colorful parandas in her hair.

Only the back of her head was apparent to the viewers, which grew the suspense of what was to come.

The show’s name was written in Urdu on the first page of the script, which she posted in the following image, peaked viewers’ interest.

After reading the post, Mahira Khan’s admirers flew into a frenzy of speculation regarding the drama’s premise and Mahira Khan’s character. Social media has already been buzzing over Razia, and Mahira Khan’s The trailer has increased interest.

One of Pakistan’s most brilliant and popular actresses, Mahira Khan has been in a number of successful dramas and blockbuster movies.

After her most recent drama, Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay, earned positive reviews from critics, fans can’t wait to see her return on television.

Her list of successful efforts is set to grow with the addition of Razia. Fans of the drama are looking forward to its next broadcast on Express Entertainment.

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