Meezan Announces Electric Bike Installment Plan

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Meezan Announces Electric Bike Installment Plan

Motorists are now considering electric bikes as a potential substitute due to the crippling fuel price growth over the previous year.

Meezan Bank has started an e-Bike installment plan after realizing the possibilities. The promotion, which is available on all motorcycles, both gasoline-powered and electric, aims to rival that of other bike manufacturers.

The following advantages and conditions have to do with the service:

  • Only available to cardholders of debit and credit from Meezan Bank.
  • Up to a two-year financing term.
  • 15% at the very least of the vehicle’s price, up to 50% of the bike’s cost, is required as a down payment.
  • As little as Rs. 7,461 in monthly installments.
  • A processing cost of Rs. 1,800 is not refundable.
  • transfer of ownership quickly.
  • Suzuki, Yamaha, and Atlas Honda have all introduced installment programs that are only available for their motorcycles. However, their sales have suffered over the past few months due to the elevated costs of fuel and bikes.

Pakistanis are starting to use e-bikes more frequently, although realizing that petrol-powered bikes are still preferable for longer journeys.

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