Infinix was ranked #45 in Kantar BrandZ

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Infinix was ranked #45 in Kantar BrandZ's Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders of 2023

Infinix has once again demonstrated its value on the international stage by earning the 45th spot in the esteemed Kantar BrandZ rankings for the Top 50 Chinese Global Brand Builders of 2023.

This outstanding accomplishment comes after Kantar BrandZ named Infinix a Rising Star among Chinese Global Brand Builders in 2022. Such ongoing recognition demonstrates the brand’s ongoing efforts to win customers’ confidence and loyalty by giving them a strong feeling of the value connected with the Infinix brand.

We are quite grateful to have been given this honor by Kantar BrandZ, which recognizes our capacity to develop memorable brand tales that connect with our international clientele. We would want to express our sincere gratitude to all of our loyal fans who support us on a global scale and who value our dedication to providing young people with cutting-edge technology while upholding fashion and optimism, said Lake Hu, CMO at Infinix.

Building the Infinix Brand

By providing top-notch products that blend outstanding performance and cutting-edge design, Infinix has effectively increased its footprint across more than 70 global markets. The company’s use of cutting-edge innovations, such as the game-changing 180W Thunder Charge found in the ZERO ULTRA smartphone, has helped it become well-known. The most valuable brands in the world are identified and their growth strategies are acknowledged by Kantar BrandZ through data analysis from a thorough brand equity study that involved millions of customers and thousands of brands in a variety of industries.

Infinix was recognized in 2022 as a Rising Star Among Chinese Global Brand Builders. The rankings for this year confirm Infinix’s impressive development, demonstrating its transformation from a rising star to a globally recognized brand that is well-liked by young people everywhere.

Infinix is still committed to building a strong and recognizable brand identity that appeals to young people all across the world. In addition, the business equips young customers with cutting-edge technologies. This continuous commitment has led to the development of a fervent and extensive fan base on a global scale, solidifying Infinix’s status as a genuine household name.

Infinix wants to develop into a high-tech, innovative brand with a large worldwide effect in the future by further growing its global presence.

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