Xiaomi Launches Smart Security Camera With Night Vision and Intercom

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Xiaomi Launches Smart Security Camera With Night Vision and Intercom

Xiaomi released the Outdoor Camera AW300 in China’s domestic market in September of last year. The company has now made the security camera available on a global scale, beginning in Europe.

The Xiaomi outside Camera AW300, which was created especially for outside use, has a tonne of features for strong security. It has two strong white lights, two infrared lights, and sophisticated full-color night vision. The camera automatically turns on the white lights whenever motion is detected.

Every time it notices a change in the image being shot or a movement inside the defined electronic fence region, the camera can quickly transmit notifications to the user’s phone. Even electric autos and other moving objects can be detected by it.

The camera can activate an audio alarm and high-frequency light flashing in the case of an incursion within the electronically walled area, increasing security measures.

The camera makes two-way audio communication possible because of its integrated high-fidelity microphones and powerful speakers. Real-time voice intercom is made possible by its 7-meter far-field pickup range.

Individuals may effortlessly view numerous camera feeds concurrently using the user-friendly MIJIA app, which supports up to four channels at once and expands surveillance possibilities.

With an initial sales price of €59.99, the Xiaomi Outdoor Camera AW300 is now available in France and Germany. The cost will, however, increase to €69.99 soon.

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