Jhoom’s OST, Starring Zara Noor Abbas And Haroon Kadwani

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Every time they run an unfamiliar relationship on television, Geo bets on producing a good one, and this time is no exception. Zara Noor Abbas will be paired with Haroon Kadwani, the son of producer Abdullah Kadwani and a cast member of the popular telefilm Ruposh. Since Zara is a well-known actress and Haroon is a relatively new actor, people are already discussing their unusual pairing. In their latest project, Jhoom, the two stars have good chemistry, and the production value is incredible, giving the screen the look of a full-length movie.

The teaser for Jhoom has already been released, and it piqued interest. Now, we have the movie’s original soundtrack, which was penned by Ali Abbas Zaidi and is performed by Schumaila Rehmat Hussain. The mellow melody of the song Mulaqatein portrays the flowering of a new love between the two characters. The video was filmed in a beautiful setting with the ocean in the distance.

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