India filed a FIR against Mitchell Marsh

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India filed a FIR against Mitchell Marsh

The 2023 World Cup is done, but the row surrounding India, the host nation, persists. In the final played at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium on November 19, 2023, Australia defeated India by six wickets.

After a picture of Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh sitting with his legs rested up on the World Cup trophy went viral on social media, India took note.

In Uttar Pradesh, India, a First Information Report (FIR) has been filed against Mitchell Marsh.

An RTI activist named Pandit Keshav filed a formal complaint against the Australian all-round player. Given India’s humiliation in the final match, the FIR’s main concern is that Marsh’s picture has hurt the emotions of many Indian fans.

Pandit Keshav submitted a copy of the FIR in addition to an offer for Mitchell Marsh’s potential to play cricket in India to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Mohammed Shami, the Indian bowler, had already expressed his displeasure with the gesture, saying that this is the trophy that everyone fights for.

“I am hurt. Keeping a foot on the trophy that all teams compete for and wishing to hold above their heads did not bring me joy.

Remember the fact that there are other controversies in the World Cup. In the past, Pakistani Zainab Abbas faced considerable backlash in India as a result of certain offensive tweets she posted in the past.

When Muhammad Rizwan was charged with performing the Namaz (prayer) in the stadium, which was considered to have been unsuitable, he too faced similar problems.

In India, such types of occurrences are not uncommon. The nation has demonstrated a high level of intolerance, constantly objecting to and complaining about even minor issues.

Considering that India has no ownership rights whatsoever to the World Cup trophy, the FIR against Mitchell Marsh may be seen as an attempt at publicity.

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