Free online Coursera classes to take if you want to work in AI, from experts at Amazon, Meta, and others

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Free online Coursera classes to take if you want to work in AI,

The buzz surrounding AI is increasing the need for specialists in the workplace.

Insider posted a list of seven free Coursera courses on artificial intelligence and its potential.

Others were created by well-known companies and educational institutions, while some have garnered significant praise.

Experts in artificial intelligence are increasingly needed in the workplace.     

Due to the hype surrounding artificial intelligence and its skills, which range from providing business advice to writing and refusing to write cover letters, there is an increasing need for AI specialists in the workplace.

Seven free Coursera modules on AI were compiled by Insider to help workers learn more about the field and broaden their knowledge.

These programs offer to teach and could help students find work in the sector. On the site, most of them receive great reviews, and the ones that are published without reviews were created by reputable companies and educational institutions.

What is the Metaverse?

Offered by: Meta

Rating: 4.6/5

Duration: 10 hours

This course examines the metaverse and how it interacts with the physical world. It also discusses the business and professional potential offered by the metaverse, and it is instructed by specialists from Facebook’s parent company, Meta.

According to Coursera, “You’ll study augmented reality, virtual reality, extended reality, NFTs, blockchain, Web3, and cryptocurrencies.”

Students who successfully finish the course can obtain Meta professional credentials, which they can display on their resumes or LinkedIn profiles.

Find the course here.

Modern technology for corporate leaders

Offered by: Rutgers

Rating: 4.4/5

Duration: 19 hours

Students will learn about blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality technologies in this Rutgers course. Business leaders can learn about the technologies and how to use them in businesses by taking this course.

According to Coursera, it helps executives “increase client and consumer engagement and ultimately the bottom line of their company.”

After completing the course, you can buy a certificate that you can publish on your LinkedIn page or resume.

Find the course here.

The financials of AI

Offered by: The University of Virginia

Rating:  No rating

Duration: 28 hours

The nature of artificial intelligence and information theory, analysis and technological development in economics, how technological change promotes economic growth, and the impact of AI-driven technologies on employees are some of the topics covered in this course.

According to Coursera, “the course introduces you to cutting-edge research in the economics of AI and the consequences for economic growth and labor markets.”

Find the course here.

Social and ethical issues with artificial intelligence

Offered by: Lund University

Rating: 4.6/5

Duration: Four weeks

According to Coursera, the course is divided into four modules that each correspond to around one week of part-time study. These modules cover the ethical and societal implications of artificial intelligence.

Topics covered include algorithmic bias and surveillance, the impact of AI on democracy, the idea of awareness, and responsibility and control.

The course’s goal, according to Coursera, is to “increase awareness of ethical and sociological dimensions of artificial intelligence and to inspire contemplation and conversation regarding repercussions of the usage of AI in society.”

After completing the course, it is possible to buy a certificate that may be shared on LinkedIn profiles or resumes.

Find the course here.

Introduction to machine learning on AWS

Offered by: Amazon Web Services

Rating: No rating

Duration: Seven hours

Students learn the distinctions between artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning in this course. It also discusses the creation, instruction, and use of machine learning models.

The hard work of computer vision, data extraction and analysis, language processing, speech recognition, translation, ML model training, and virtual agents will be covered, according to Coursera. You will analyze your present solutions and consider how AI, ML, or deep learning may be used to enhance them.

After completing the course, it is possible to buy a certificate that may be used on resumes and LinkedIn profiles.

Find the course here.

Trustworthy AI for healthcare management

Offered by: The Polytechnic University of Milan

Rating: No rating

Duration: Three hours

This class focuses specifically on artificial intelligence in the healthcare industry. Students will gain knowledge of how AI systems operate, tasks that AI can perform, and major obstacles AI faces in the healthcare industry.

The course is “aimed at healthcare professionals, patients, and AI practitioners,” according to Coursera, and “gives an introduction to reliable artificial intelligence and its application in healthcare.”

After completing the course, you can buy a certificate that you can publish on your LinkedIn page or 


Find the course here.

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