Punjab to Restore Asia’s Largest Opium Factory

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Punjab to Restore Asia’s Largest Opium Factory

The biggest opium factory in Asia will reopen, according to the Punjab government. The necessary preparations have been done, including submitting an application for an arms license for the Shadman factory.

The 13-year-old factory will be restored under the direction of Excise’s Director General (DG). The administrative matters will be handled by an officer with the rank of Electro-Technical Officer (ETO).

To ensure a consistent supply, opium will be purchased from Narcotics Control Agencies in several provinces. The first shipment of 640 kilograms is anticipated to arrive soon. The factory would manufacture A-category opium, which will be priced at Rs. 40,000 per kilogram.

A-category opium can be found for sale to pharmaceutical businesses at fair prices, whereas B-category opium, which is dangerous to human health, will be discarded.

The opium factory will resume operations in accordance with the specifications of the official opium alkaloid factory established under the Hudud Ordinance 1979 in Lahore once the staff and arms license has been given. It’s interesting that the Excise and Taxation Department of Punjab liquidated this factory in 2012 without giving a cause.

Despite an ongoing demand for medical-grade legal opium, the government has spent a large amount of money operating this factory. However, the factory’s profitability has been hampered by bureaucratic corruption.

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