ChatGPT founder breaks silence after bug hits users worldwide

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ChatGPT founder breaks silence after bug hits users worldwide

OpenAI, the company that owns ChatGPT, announced on Wednesday that it has resolved a fault that allowed a limited group of users to see the titles of other users’ conversation histories with the famous chatbot, which was considered a “significant issue.”

Users won’t be able to access their chat history on March 20 between 1am and 10am due to the patch, Chief Executive Sam Altman announced in a tweet.

Since its launch during the latter part of last year, ChatGPT has undergone rapid growth as users all over the world have shown creativity in responding to the conversational chatbot’s prompts to produce everything from poems and books to jokes and movie scripts.

GPT 3.5, which was made available to users through ChatGPT on November 30, last year, was upgraded to GPT 4, which was released last week by Microsoft Corp.-backed OpenAI.

According to data from analytics company Similarweb, people have been using the underused search engine as a result of the incorporation of OpenAI’s GPT technology into Microsoft’s Bing.

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