UAE researcher Makes Game-Changing Discovery

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UAE researcher Make Game-Changing Discovery

The Smart Materials Lab (SML) and Centre for Smart Engineering Materials (CSEM) at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) have developed a new way to gather water from fog and dew.

In the journal Nature Chemistry, their report examining “Autonomous and Directional Flow of Water and Transport of Particles over a Subliming Dynamic Crystal Surface” appeared.

They discovered how water flows on a crystal known as hexachlorobenzene, which is typically employed to eradicate the fungus. They also showed how the water’s flow brings minute particles with it. Future devices that more effectively take water from the air could benefit from the knowledge of moving water.

Potential Benefits of These Findings

This discovery has a variety of potential advantages for UAE agriculture. The ability to harvest water from natural sources, such as fog and dew, could alter how farmers irrigate their crops in a country where natural water resources are few and there is a water shortage.

Particularly in desert places where fog and dew are more common, this could result in greater agricultural output and sustainability.

The UAE currently gets the majority of its drinking water from energy-intensive desalination plants, but this challenge today will reduce that need.

The nation may lower its carbon impact and progress toward a more sustainable future by utilizing natural water resources.

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