ChatGPT Gets Major Upgrade to Its Accuracy With Up-to-Date Information

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ChatGPT Gets Major Upgrade to Its Accuracy With Up-to-Date Information

A crucial advance for the program was reported by OpenAI in a recent announcement on X, formerly known as Twitter, that ChatGPT now can access the internet for real-time information, removing its prior restriction of depending only on data up to September 2021.

The Bing search engine from Microsoft will be used by ChatGPT to process user questions, extract pertinent data from search results, and produce responses.

This upgrade is currently available to premium users signed up for ChatGPT’s “Plus” and “Enterprise” plans, and it will soon be made available to all users as well. The precise release date for this upgrade has not been made public by OpenAI.

The knowledge cutoff date of September 2021, which precluded ChatGPT from responding to some questions on recent news or events, has been a significant restriction for several users.

They raised worry that this limitation would limit their ability to do research utilizing the software.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that OpenAI is reportedly in talks about a potential share sale right now.

If this sale is successful, the AI company may be valued at a high of $90 billion, which would be a threefold rise from its prior January valuation.

Due to Microsoft’s large investment in OpenAI, Bing has been included in ChatGPT’s internet surfing functionality.

Microsoft presently owns a 49% share in OpenAI, and the business has informed its investors of its high revenue expectations.

The Journal has reported that OpenAI plans to make $1 billion in income this year and even more in the years to come.

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