Pakistan conducts first ‘artificial rain test’ through cloud seeding(video)

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Pakistan conducts first ‘artificial rain test’ through cloud seeding

According to caretaker Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, the government of Punjab successfully tested cloud-seeding over just a small portion of Lahore on Saturday to decrease smog.

The aim of artificial rain, commonly referred to as cloud seeding, is to produce precipitation. This happens through the addition of different substances to clouds, which promote the growth of raindrops.

Addressing the media, Naqvi disclosed that the UAE assisted with the creation of the artificial rain experiment.

He said at least 48 flares were used for cloud seeding. “Around 10% of Lahore areas have received rainfall today due to cloud seeding experiment,” he stated.

He moved on to highlight that monitoring and focus started as early as 9:00 in the morning, showing an ongoing commitment to the artificial rain initiative’s efficiency.

In the process, Naqvi showed thanks to the UAE team and the Environment Department.

What is artificial rain?

Using several kinds of elements that act as ice nuclei or cloud condensation, artificial rain is a weather modification technology that generates showers by encouraging the growth and spread of precipitation particles.

The commonly used chemicals for cloud seeding are liquid propane, potassium iodide, and silver iodide.

Usually, aircraft, ground-based generators, or rockets are used for cloud seeding. Several factors, including cloud type, temperature, and meteorological conditions, may impact how effective artificial rain or cloud seeding is.

The overall effectiveness and long-term impact on the environment of cloud seeding are subjects of continuing research and controversy, with several studies showing that it may enhance precipitation under certain circumstances.

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