What We Can Learn from Japan’s Move to Alternatives to Smoking

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What We Can Learn from Japan's Move to Alternatives to Smoking

According to recent research, the market launch of less dangerous products such heated tobacco products and E-cigarettes resulted in a considerable and quick decline in cigarette sales in Japan.

Japan is a technologically advanced country with a skilled consumer base, and it has one of the largest cigarette markets. These alternatives were quickly discovered and embraced by them, which caused a major shift in the market share of cigarettes across the nation.

Many dangerous compounds have been found in the smoke produced while burning tobacco in cigarettes, according to research. On the other hand, heated tobacco products produce less harmful emissions with a fundamentally different composition that is based on dew drops.

Since the launch of these products, cigarette sales in Japan have fallen at a rate that is five times quicker than in previous years. Even before the Japanese government implemented any tobacco control regulations, this significant shift occurred naturally.

According to research conducted by the American Cancer Society, cigarette sales began to fall more quickly around the same time that heated tobacco products were quite popular in Japan. Other independent experts who had been researching the nation’s cigarette use trends since 2016 came to the same result.

Pakistan might gradually start the move towards cigarette substitutes, following Japan’s example, to decrease the impact on people who decide to continue smoking.

Smoking can be greatly reduced nationwide thanks to scientific advancements in the heated tobacco product business, which will help to minimise the number of hospitalisations for diseases associated to smoking in the future.

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