Top 5 Heavy Bikes for Pakistanis in 2023

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Heavy Bikes for Pakistanis in 2023

The good news is that there are many best heavy bikes in the world available that can satisfy your passion. I did a lot of research on some of the top-heavy bicyclists in the present. This article is for anyone who wishes to learn how to ride a heavy bike and eventually become an expert. As a brand-new, exciting rider, the top 5 heavy bikes for beginners in 2023 may provide you with all the knowledge you require.

Best bikes for beginners for 2023

There is a list of the best heavy bikes for beginners. You should explore before making a choice

1. Kawasaki Ninja 400

There is no need to introduce Kawasaki. In the heavy bike category, the brand easily dominates. Its capacity to add style to lightweight bikes for beginners provides it with a characteristic reputation in the cutthroat market. Some avid people insist on starting by getting their hands on a large bike. Their opportunity to realize their riding fantasies is the Ninja 400. Kawasaki is famous for its exceptional craftsmanship, first-rate aftermarket support, and amazing performance numbers. The 399cc bike would make a wonderful graduation present. For the bike’s pricing and more information, consult the surrounding local dealerships.

2.      CB300R Honda

The Honda small rider features every feature a new rider is looking for in a heavy bike. A mid-range motorcycle that effectively meets the needs of a heavy motorcycle is the Honda CB300R. The CB300R is all you need if you want a bike with decent power, a stylish body, and an eye-catching style. On the roads, the 286cc engine provides you with a strong push. Your elegant journey is not hindered by the comfortable seat. The CB300R can be your ideal choice as a novice because it is a simple-to-maintain bike with modern features. If you want to learn everything there is to know about this bike, contact the Honda stores in your area.

3. KTM 390 Adventure

The KTM 390 Adventure can quickly bring to mind the same excellence if you’re a lover of BMW. Due to its capacity to combine strength and quality into a thin bike frame, the brand has attracted a lot of interest. The KTM 390 Adventure is one of the best heavy bike for beginners and is an adventure-oriented motorcycle, as the name suggests. Take it for a spin and hone your abilities on the cozy bike. To find this stunning piece, feel free to stop by a KTM or any motorcycle dealership in your area.

4. 500 Honda Rebel

The Honda Rebel 500, which was first introduced in the 1980s, is well-known on the international market. It’s an excellent option for new drivers because of the comfortable ride and comfortable seat. The ergonomics of the Rebel 500 make it a good choice for your ideal trip. Both small and tall riders may use the bike comfortably. Both novice and expert riders will be comfortable riding the six-speed 500cc bike. To purchase it, you can look at the official brand websites or retailer locations. You may rest assured that it is among the top motorcycles for new riders in 2023.

5. Royal Enfield Himalayan

A wonderful heavy bike gift for new riders is offered by the North American company Royal Enfield. The product line has surpassed expectations with its strong performance, cozy aesthetic, and well-placed seat. You may surely take it to the hillsides, as the name would imply, where you would encounter steep terrain. However, I would rather get to know this bike first. You may test the clutch and throttle by driving it around your neighborhood. Not to add that the 411cc engine gives a newbie a satisfying thrill. For pricing and more details, go contact a Royal Enfield dealership in your area.

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