Govt Decides to Fail Students Involved in Making TikTok Videos

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Govt Decides to Fail Students Involved in Making TikTok Videos

The provincial minister for universities and boards, Ismail Rahoo, expressed his displeasure with the board’s failure to prevent cheating on board exams across the province. He has instructed the board chairpersons and controllers to take more severe action against pupils who commit such offenses.

The ministry has decided to punish Hyderabadi matriculants who were discovered making TikTok videos. Additionally, he gave provincial orders for other boards to follow suit.

The government of Sindh has also instructed chairpersons to send female supervision teams to exam centers. It emphasized the need for more watch teams across the board, with a special emphasis on ensuring that female teams are present at girls’ exam centers.

The minister also emphasized the importance of cracking down on students who sneak their phones into exam rooms. In his final remarks, he emphasized how crucial it is to carefully enforce the rules and regulations at all exam locations.

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