Google is now officially registered as a company in Pakistan

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Google is now officially registered as a company in Pakistan

American tech giant Google has established a company account with Pakistan’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SECP). According to sources, Google has received a certificate of registration from the SECP under Section 435 of the 2017 Companies Act.

Sources suggest that Google would begin operating in Pakistan very soon after registering with SECP. Google will meet with Pakistani authorities and go through its operations there when a delegation arrives there next week.

According to sources, the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MoITT) was in contact with foreign businesses and made a concerted effort to attract them to Pakistan, but the businesses refused because of the country’s political unrest.

However, there has been progressing in this area, with the ministries currently in talks with Facebook and first Google, then Tik Tok, agreeing to open operations in Pakistan.

The IT ministry officials are optimistic that Google will open an office in Pakistan within the next few days. Officials from the MoITT claim that Google has started several initiatives in Pakistan in recent years.

Google announced career certificates in September to provide all Pakistanis with flexible learning options. Google established a suicide hotline in Pakistan in June 2022 to address suicide incidents, Social Media and Mental health mental health problems.

The MoITT official regarded it positive that Google had registered as a company in Pakistan. In the Google Certification Program, Google is investing $3.5 million, and the company’s registration with SECP indicates that it wants to contribute more.

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