Coca-Cola is about to launch its own phone

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Coca-Cola is about to launch its own phone

Coca-Cola, the well-known soft drink business in the world, has unsurprisingly announced the release of its new device, the “Cola Phone,” which seems to be an attempt to penetrate the smartphone industry. Even though the cooperation and the device’s specifics are yet unknown, recent leaks have given customers a preview of what to anticipate.

A design of the Cola Phone has appeared online; it shows a modern design with the recognizable red hue and emblem of Coca-Cola prominently displayed. The device also appears to include a twin camera configuration, indicating that it is made for consumers who are interested in photography.

A Twitter account with the name “Colaphone Global” that follows several well-known smartphone companies has surfaced, adding fire to the rumors. Many people have been led to assume that Coca-Cola may be working with one of these companies to sell its new device.

Rumor has it that a Realme 10 series smartphone, specifically the plain Realme 10, will be renamed as the Cola Phone.

Consumers will undoubtedly be intrigued by this surprising alliance and wonder what the Cola Phone would have to offer. It won’t be long until we learn whether Coca-entry Cola’s into the smartphone industry will be a success, with a launch anticipated soon in India.

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