Check your Sim number [Telenor,Zong,Ufone]

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Check your Sim number [Telenor,Zong,Ufone]

The endless demand for SIM cards in country makes difficult to remember all the numbers you can get. Many mobile phone users keep using their old SIM cards because there is no information about their numbers. Even in 2023, it will be difficult for users to buy a new SIM card if it is lost, stolen, or for any reason. Although there is nothing wrong with this, many internet users do not know that they can update their old number by checking the SIM numbers of networks like Telenor, Zong or Ufone for the future use. Many users have lost their SIM card and don’t bother to find the number through the web browser. I didn’t know that online companies are offering so many offers and packages to activate old sim card. While this is true, you can quickly check your phone number with a simple method

Are you planning to reuse your old SIM and forgot your SIM number? or maybe you are looking for a guide on how to check sim card number? You might consider calling your friend or family member’s numbers and asking them to text you back with the number that appears on their screen, but everything stops to see that there is no balance on the card SIM. do not worry! Here we have a solution. Here we have recorded data for different networks to check the number of each SIM card. The process is free and authentic to find out your Sim number.

Here’s how to check your phone number / SIM number

Check Telenor Number

To find Telenor SIM number, follow these steps:

Code: send blank/empty SMS to 7421

Price: Standard SMS rate

Moreover, you can search the number for free in this way:

Phone Number: *8888#

You will get your Telenor SIM number free on your mobile screen.

Terms & Conditions

You can find it only for active SIM. An inactive SIM cannot work

Codes can be changed anytime by Telenor, so if you encounter any error please refer to Telenor official website or call Telenor helpline for more details.

You can check telenor sim owner, telenor number registration address, telenor number location and telenor sim by calling helpline.


Follow these steps to check Zong SIM card number:

Dial code: *2#

Meaning: Free

Other codes: *8# and *5#

You will get your Zong SIM card number on the screen of your mobile phone for free

Terms & Conditions

You can only check active SIM. An inactive SIM cannot work

Zong may change the code at any time, please check it on Telenor official website if you encounter any error or call Zong helpline for more information.

You can check Zong SIM owner, Zong number registered address, Zong number location and Zong SIM by calling helpline.


If you want to check Ufone SIM number then follow these steps:

Dialing Code: *780*3#

Value: Free

Second code *1#

You will get your Ufone SIM number on your mobile screen for free.


You can only check it for an active SIM. An inactive SIM cannot work

Ufone may change the codes anytime so please check them on Telenor official website if you encounter any error or call Ufone helpline for more information.

You can check Ufone SIM owner, Ufone number registered address, Ufone number location and Ufone SIM by calling the helpline.

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