The Legend of Maula Jatt (2022)

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The Legend of Maula Jatt (2022)

Maula Jatt is a Punjabi action-adventure epic film that follows Maula Jatt as he sets out on a bloody and violent revenge mission. Maula Jatt, a fierce prizefighter with a tortured past, seeks vengeance against his rival Noori Natt, the most feared warrior in Punjab. This is an inspiring tale of a young man with a tortured past who seeks revenge against his arch-nemesis. This is a story of a fearless fighter seeking revenge against a strong, powerful warrior in Punjab.

This Pakistani film is directed by Bilal Lashari and produced by Ammara Hikmat, Bilal Lashri, Asad Khan, and Ali Murtaza. There has never been a more expensive film in Pakistani cinema than The Legend of Maula Jatt.


The Legend of Maula Jatt is a Pakistani film directed by famed filmmaker Bilal Lashari. Movie stars Fawad Khan (Maula Jatt), Mahira Khan (Mukkho Jatti), Humaima Malik (Daaro Nattni), and Hamza Ali Abbasi ( Noori Natt) are in the lead roles. Fawad Khan who plays the role of the legendary version of Hawaldar Milu Jattsheer’s son will be seen playing the role of his mentor.

This is the most awaited movie of Maula Jatt and fans are waiting to see the trailer. Fans appreciated the trailer of this movie and made it an ornament of the cinema hall. This movie was released in the cinema hall on 13th October 2022 and is still making a splash in the cinema hall.

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The Blog Buster action drama or Film:

The Legend of Maula Jatt 2 is an action Best Pakistani Dramas film directed by Bilal Lashari, written by Bilal Lashari. Maula Jatt is the sequel to a cult classic from 1979. Currently, The Legend of Maula Jatt’s film has earned over 160 crores at the box office and even more overseas. Films in Pakistani cinema often describe the film as a blockbuster, which has been a super hit.

The Legend of Maula Jatt is an upcoming Pakistani Punjabi & Urdu language action drama film that was directed and written by Bilal Lashari. As the movie is based on the 1979 cult classic, Maula Jatt, it is neither a remake nor a sequel of the original. The Lagena of Moula Jatt 2 is the most awaited sequel of a movie on a historical subject. It has also been considered one of the most anticipated movies in recent times, as it has gathered positive reviews from critics and spectators alike. The movie was also expected to be viewed by more than 100 million people on its opening day.

The Legend of Maula jatt Movie’s Famous Dialog:

 In the Legend of Maula Jatt (2022), Noori Natt asks “Nawa aya e sohneya?” to be the new prisoner. This is one of the famous dialogues in the movie.

The movie planning process:

The Legend of  Maula Jatt 2 remake was announced in December 2013 by director Bilal Lashari, who completed a script treatment for the film one year later. Asad Jamil Khan and Ammara Hikmat joined as producers in November 2016 with Hamza Ali Abbasi and Fawad Khan signing as the lead actors. Principal photography began in January 2017 and concluded in June 2019. The film was initially scheduled for cinema release on multiple dates in 2019–2020 but kept getting delayed due to copyright issues and the COVID-19 pandemic. The film has been described as the most expensive film in Pakistan to date. The film’s music score is composed by Sarmad Ghafoor. And now this movie has been adorning the cinema halls for the last two months.

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