PSL 9 is likely to be held out of Pakistan

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PSL 9 is likely to be held out of Pakistan

The ninth Pakistan Super League (PSL) edition is rumored to be moving to Dubai, which has prompted an urgent meeting of the PSL Governing Council set for September 25.

Franchise owners who are concerned about the state of PSL affairs have been requesting this meeting for a long time.

The PCB Management Committee’s inaugural meeting will be presided over by Zaka Ashraf at this gathering. According to sources, franchise owners have complained about what they perceive to be PSL’s slow administration, and they continue to be concerned about how the PSL 8 expense is being managed.

Franchise owners are especially angry about the lack of consultation in the PSL head’s appointment. Furthermore, the fact that franchises were not consulted while choosing the dates for the PSL window, which is scheduled for February to March, has raised questions.

Due to the overlap with leagues in the United Arab Emirates and South Africa, the challenges faced by PSL franchises are further magnified. Franchise owners are also concerned about overseas cricketers signing up with other leagues, which could harm the PSL’s player field.

There is discussion within the organization on shifting the location, despite the PCB’s hints that PSL 9 will be moved to Dubai due to anticipated elections and administrative costs there. Franchise owners feel that it could be negative to eliminate PSL at this time from Pakistan.

As stakeholders try to address these pressing problems and plan out a course for the league, the future of PSL 9 and its prospective relocation is likely to be a major topic of discussion during the upcoming Governing Council meeting.

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