Punjab Finally Promotes 14,000 School Teachers

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Punjab Finally Promotes 14,000 School Teachers

According to Syed Mohsin Naqvi, the chief minister of Punjab, more than 14,000 teachers have been promoted, the school education department reported on Wednesday.

In Model Town, the Punjab Association of Subject Specialists conducted a ceremony of thanksgiving to mark the official announcement of the promotions.

Many notable individuals, including the Provincial Education Minister Mansoor Qadir, the Secretary of Schools Education Maqbool Ahmed Dhaula, the Chairman of the Punjab Association of Subject Specialists (PASS), Rana Ata Muhammad, and the President, Ashfaq Gujjar, participated in the ceremony.

Mushtaq Syal, the secondary DPI for Punjab, Chaudhry Amin, the director of elementary education, Dr. Idrees Rana, Malik Ehsan, Bashir Zahid Guriah, Additional Secretary Syed Tauseef Shah, Asim Cheema, Syed Farqan Shah, and Farrukh Shehbaz Waraich were also there.

The Punjab Chief Minister chose to elevate the 14,000 teachers, and Ashfaq Gujjar, the president of PASS, spoke on behalf of the teachers.

Similarly, PASS Chairman Rana Ata Muhammad noted that a big difficulty for teachers was successfully dealt with as a result of the long-awaited promotions of subject specialists across Punjab.

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