Govt Announces Public Holiday for Martyrs’ Day: 25 May

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Govt Announces Public Holiday for Martyrs' Day: 25 May

According to a local news program, the Pakistani government has announced May 25 to be a public holiday.

It is known as “Pakistan Martyrs’ Honor Day.” It has been set aside for the memory and appreciation of the nation’s martyrs’ sacrifices.

All offices, both public and private, as well as educational institutions, will be closed nationally. It is an opportunity for the nation to consider the heroic deeds of the brave people who gave their lives to ensure Pakistan’s welfare and security.

On this day, flower wreaths will be placed on monuments honoring the sacrifices that are made by members of the armed forces, police, and other law enforcement agencies.

Additional festivities will be hosted in the Pakistan Navy’s and Pakistan Air Force’s headquarters in addition to the main ceremony, which will take place at the General Headquarters (GHQ).

In honor of their departed heroes, the police department has also planned celebrations in Islamabad, the provincial capitals, and Azad Kashmir. These ceremonies honor the unwavering devotion and ultimate sacrifice given by our brave soldiers for the security and well-being of our country and serve as a moving reminder of the sacrifices they made.

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