“Fairy Tale” starring Hamza Sohail, will return for season 2

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"Fairy Tale" starring Hamza Sohail, will return for season 2

There may yet be more happily ever afters to view in the fairy tale as it is not over yet. According to writer Sarah Majeed, the love drama Fairy Tale, which launched as a Ramadan special and starred Sehar Khan and Hamza Sohail in the main roles, will return for a second season. Fans didn’t start looking ahead to a sequel until the channel ended the drama with the phrase “To be continued.” on the day of Eid.

About two weeks after Eid, on Wednesday, Majeed shared the news on Instagram. “To be continued! “Undoubtedly, Fairy Tale (Season 2) has a sequel because Hum TV officially verified it on Eid Day,” she added.

After confirming, the writer asked that fans stop bothering her with inquiries and wait quietly for the release of the upcoming season. “I humbly ask that you stop asking the same searches, such as, “Will there be a season 2? Are you severely planning a second season? Will Season 2 feature Hamza Sehar? Will all of the actors stay the same? Will season 2’s storyline stays the same? Publish season 2 Soon. We desire season 2. Why don’t you guys create a second season? Added she.

She did, however, respond to one query. “At this point, the question is when season 2 will debut. not yet verified. Majeed thanked her admirers for their support throughout the past month, saying, “We value all of the love, so please keep in connect.

Ali Hassan is the film’s director. Umeed, played by Khan, is a young middle-class girl who longs to be a princess and continuously searches for methods to get rich rapidly. Her narrative is told in Fairy Tale. The love drama also features Ali Safina, Saleem Sheikh, Adnan Raza Mir, Aena Khan, Salma Hasan, and others along with Sohail, who plays the main character’s role.

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