Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration 2023 | Punjab Ehsaas Program

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Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration 2023 | Punjab Ehsaas Program

The Government of Punjab Pakistan has introduced the Bahimat Buzurg Programme, through which older residents from all around Punjab can apply for financial support worth Rs. 2,000. People in all districts of Punjab are eligible for the Bahimat Buzurg Programme, which costs Rs.2000

This post will instruct you on how to register for the Bahimat Buzurg Programme online in order to receive a cash help of Rs. 2000 without encountering any difficulties. Everything is explained here. Visit the website for the ehsaas programme for more details.

How To Apply For Bahimat Buzurg Program Online Registration – 2023

The government of Pakistan runs a number of initiatives to assist the poor who are unable to work and whose financial situation is awful. One of the top programmes under the Ehsaas Programme is listed below. Many programmes under this programme are already benefitting people in Pakistan. You may also apply for these AID programmes.

The Bahimat Buzurg Programme will be registered by the Punjab government with the aid of a survey and the NADRA. The Punjab Social Security Authority is committed to enrolling everyone, especially ladies who are 65 years of age or older. In order to do this, a union council-level investigation into the Ba Himmat Buzarg program’s registration procedure will be conducted. In terms of the Imran Khan (Rayast-e-Madina) Dream, this plan is unquestionably a positive step for the PTI administration.

According to Punjab’s Chief Minister Usman Bazdar, the bahimat buzurg programme has begun. This programme is open to older men and women from Punjab. For this programme, the Punjabi government has allotted Rs. 3 billion. One hundred twenty-five thousand individuals will get anything.

Bahimat Buzurg Program Eligibility Criteria | Online Check Eligibility

Beneficiaries of the Bahimat Buzurg Programme will be given a BA Himmat Buzarg card that may be used at any ATM in Punjab or Pakistan, and all payments will be processed through a bank account through the Punjab Bank. The Ba Himmat Buzarg programme was started and approved by the Punjab Chief Minister. Only female household members are eligible for this programme. If a lady is not available or has passed away, her husband may receive the blessing of ba himat buzarg.

You must be familiar with the guidelines before submitting an application for the Bahimat Buzurg (BHBP) programme. Please be informed that this programme does not accept applicants who are 65 or older. Yes! Both men and women must meet certain requirements. Before processing your request, the Punjab government will conduct a union council level survey and obtain data from NADRA for verification.

  • This programme is open to applicants over the age of 65.
  • This programme is available to seniors with a poverty score of 20.
  • Each family is only allowed to submit one applicant.

One should bring their original ID when they visit the centre. There will be two authorised programme representatives. The first will be a Punjab Bank employee, and the second will be a Punjab Social Welfare Officer with a contributor.

The possibility exists;

  1. If your CNIC card has been inputted and written, enclose extra information. When your registration is finished immediately, this is the situation.
  2. If your CNIC is input and it indicates that your document is no longer located, you must first sign in at the BISP office before returning to this facility.
  3. You will be photographed or taken a picture by a police officer during check-in. You are then sent to another Punjab Bank employee who will register you with the bank and issue you an ATM card after taking a picture of the front and back of your CNIC. For use with the bank’s ATM, you will also be provided a PIN.
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