Zong Raises Mobile Package Prices Again

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Zong Raises Mobile Package Prices Again

Amidst widespread price increases across the tech and telecom industry, Zong has once again raised the prices of many of its mobile packages.

While the price hike may not be significant, it impacts several packages and applies to weekly and monthly plans.

In addition to raising prices, some packages have quietly reduced the allocated resources while maintaining the same price point.

 For instance, the Monthly Super Card, which previously cost Rs. 800, now costs Rs. 900. However, it includes 100 extra off-net minutes.

The Monthly Pro Max package remains unchanged at Rs. 1,600, but the Monthly Digital Max Offer now costs Rs. 1,500 with no increase in mobile data or calling minutes.

The Monthly Supreme has reduced total calling minutes from 500 to 350 off-net minutes, while the price remains at Rs. 999.

These examples are just a glimpse of the monthly packages. In the realm of weekly offers, the Weekly Pro Plus package has experienced a slight price increase from Rs. 460 to Rs. 480, maintaining the same resources.

Notably, these costs recur weekly, resulting in higher monthly prices (Rs. 1,840 vs Rs. 1,920 per month).

Similarly, the Weekly Pro now costs Rs. 460 instead of Rs. 440 but retains the same resources. The Weekly HLO and Weekly Premium packages each cost an additional Rs. 20. Super Weekly Plus exhibits one of the most significant price hikes, increasing by Rs. 40.

These examples represent only a fraction of the overall price hikes in both monthly and weekly packages.

It’s noteworthy that Zong is just one of the network providers adjusting prices recently, and similar trends have been observed across various companies for quite some time.

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