Serene Air Shares Good News for UAE-Pakistan Flights

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Serene Air Shares Good News for UAE-Pakistan Flights

One of Pakistan’s top airlines, Serene Air, has created a special luggage limit for passengers flying from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Pakistan, allowing 60 kilograms of checked baggage with a maximum of one piece weighing 32 kg.

According to specifics, the program would be available to passengers flying from Dubai to Islamabad, Dubai to Peshawar, Sharjah to Islamabad, and Sharjah to Peshawar.

According to the airline, the offer is good for tickets purchased starting on January 14 and lasts through January 31.

With this initiative, Serene Air intends to improve traveler comfort and convenience. Passengers will be able to take along more of their basics without having to worry about incurring additional expenses. The airline is also urging passengers to take advantage of this deal so they may travel without stress.

UAE implemented a new rule in November 2022 that mandates all visitors must include their family names (surnames) in their passports to enter the country.

Foreigners with only their first name listed on their passports will not be allowed admission into the UAE , according to travel directions released by the UAE’s immigration officials.

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