Pakistan Likely to Boycott Sri Lanka Test Series If Asia Cup Model is Opposed

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Pakistan Likely to Boycott Sri Lanka Test Series If Asia Cup Model is Opposed

According to sources, if Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) decides to raise objections to the planned hybrid idea for the next 2023 Asia Cup, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has threatened to pull out of the two-match Test series against Sri Lanka in June.

The hybrid model predicts that the Asia Cup will be divided into two phases, with the first taking place in Pakistan and the second at a neutral site.

The fact that India would only participate in the second phase and not play in Pakistan is one of the main features of this strategy. The purpose of this arrangement is to reduce political tensions between the countries that surround it.

The importance of the issue and Pakistan’s desire to host the 2023 Asia Cup, at least in part, appear in their threat to sever ties with the Test series against Sri Lanka.

According to sources, the PCB is upset with Sri Lanka’s purported resistance to the plan, underscoring the necessity for adaptability and understanding in such difficult circumstances.

It will be intriguing to observe how things play out and whether a satisfactory solution can be found. However, this incident highlights the difficulties in organizing international cricket matches as well as the delicate balancing act needed to deal with geopolitical issues and preserve the honesty of the game.

Prior to the ODI World Cup in India starting in September of 2023, the Asia Cup is scheduled to take place. Pakistan has said that if they are denied the opportunity to host the Asia Cup, they will not take part in the huge event.

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