World’s Longest Ear Goat “Pakistani Simba” is no more

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World’s Longest Ear Goat “Pakistani Simba” is no more

KARACHI: Simba, a Pakistan-born goat from Pakistan, passed last week in the southern province of Sindh after a brief illness. Simba was attempting to break the record for the longest ears.

Simba was born on June 4, 2022, and both passed away on April 11 away on April 11 both in Karachi. The young goat was only alive for 10 months and 11 days, but his long ears gained international attention.

Now, the owner of Simba intends to attempt to break the previous record by enrolling Simbi, the goat’s younger sister, in the race. Simbi’s ears are long and drooping because she was just born.

The 31-year-old Muhammad Hasan Narejo, who was the owner of the deceased baby goat, told Arab News that “the sorrow of Simba’s death is immense, but so is the joy of Simbi’s arrival.” “It is unknown what killed Simba. He suddenly had an upset stomach on April 11 and died a short time later.

The Guinness Book of World Records team was scheduled to measure Simba’s ears last year when Narejo applied application, but they never showed up.

He said: “They prioritize paid applications over regular ones after collecting millions of applications.” It could take a year or longer to complete the process. Simba tried contacting the Guinness Book of World Records team but was unsuccessful.

Simbi was born to the baby goat’s mother on April 4—just a few days before Simba passed away.

“Simba was born with 48-centimeter-long ears, which grew by 82 centimeters by the time of his death,” said Narejo. Simbi was born with ears that were 45 cm long.

Simbi has light brown skin color, similar to her left brother, but with white patches.

The owner allowed both of the siblings to be covered by the news, but he forbade coverage of the mother out of fear of the “evil eye.”

Although her ears are not particularly long, the mother of the two newborn goats is of the Lady breed, which often has long ears.

Narejo said, “The mother goat lives at my farm somewhere.” Simbi, however, is in Karachi. Due to the evil eye, I am forbidden to bring the mother here.

He said to have gotten numerous offers from people all over the world who wanted to buy Simba.

“The top offer was from a person in Saudi Arabia who wrote a blank cheque, which I refused,” he added, adding that he did not regret his choice. He continued, “I am still happy because [keeping goats] is my passion, not a business.

While I was holding Simba in my lap, he passed away. Thus, I am satisfied. After watching the Disney animated film “The Lion King,” Narejo gave Simba his name.

“Simba means a lion,” he explained. “However, in honor of her brother, we named the female baby goat Simbi. We gave her the name Simbi to help us recall Simba in that circumstance.

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