Bahawalpur Road Being Investigated for Causing Accidents

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Bahawalpur Road Being Investigated for Causing Accidents

Dr. Ehtesham Anwar Mahar, Divisional Commissioner, has established a special panel to look into the 2014–2017 construction of a flawed turn on the Bahawalpur–Hasilpur dual highway. Details indicate that the project cost Rs. 4.72 billion and resulted in numerous deadly car accidents.

The commissioner told Dawn that despite receiving warnings that the road engineering near Khairpur Tamewali was subpar, the departments disregarded the issue. Additionally, it disregarded the commissioner’s demand that the individuals responsible for jeopardizing lives be looked into.

In light of the numerous sad events, the commissioner said that the Khanda Morr was renamed “Khooni Morr” by the locals. He claimed that the responsible department could have rectified the expensive project with a little extra cash and land but chose not to.

The report further stated that the four-person investigating committee will consist of the extra commissioner for coordination for Bahawalpur, the assistant secretary for communication and works for South Punjab, the director of development and finance, and the deputy director of NHA.

The committee has been given till April 3 to prepare a report on the subject. The commissioner instructed the supervising engineer for the Bahawalpur highway circle to provide the record to the committee.

The committee has been given responsibility by the commissioner to see to it that the Morr Khanda curvature is corrected.

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