Watch as Pakistan’s Ihsanullah takes two wickets in his first three balls

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Watch as Pakistan's Ihsanullah takes two wickets in his first three balls

The 2023 Pakistan Super League fast bowling sensation took down Afghanistan with his very first ball in a match of international cricket. First up, he bowled to Ibrahim Zadran, who skied the ball into the air with an awkward short length. As the ball sailed high, Azam Khan quickly returned from behind the stumps to securely grab the catch at the outer edge of the circle.

The next delivery from Ihsanullah was played out by Gulbadin Naib, who was now at the crease. He played out a dot by punching the ball away toward cover but was unable to get off strike.

Ihsanullah doubled his total of international wickets with his subsequent delivery, though, by bringing his length back again. Gulbadin attempted to drag the delivery into the legside while bowling outside off, but he was unable to do so because of inadequate bat contact. Mohammad Haris, who was racing in from the backward point area, caught the ball as it again flew high into the air.

Ihsanullah delighted with his signature bow and arrow while kneeling before his teammates as Gulbadin walked away. The 20-year-old became the first player in men’s T20I cricket history to capture a wicket on their first ball. He is the 24th player to accomplish this feat; others on the list include Virat Kohli and Lockie Ferguson.

When Ihsanullah’s first delivery, which hit Mohammad Nabi in the gloves, missed by a dot, Nabi was able to keep out the next ball. Ihsanullah fielded the short-of-a-length delivery after Nabi punched it back towards the bowler. Ihsanullah moved on down the field and approached Nabi, who extended his hand to shake with the fast bowler. Ihsanullah was prevented from bowling a double-wicket maiden in his first over as the last ball of the over went for two.

Yet, the young swift didn’t always get his way. In the three overs that followed his first, he failed to pick up a wicket, and Nabi hit him for a six to end the match and give Afghanistan their first T20I victory over Pakistan.

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