Punjab HEC wants to include Japanese language in curriculum

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Punjab HEC wants to include Japanese language in curriculum

The Chairperson of the Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC), Prof. Dr. Shahid Munir, made an important announcement at a recent event hosted by the Pakistan-Japan Socio-Economic Association. The commission would suggest including Japanese in the curriculum.

Dr. Munir went into more detail about the reasoning for this choice, emphasizing how it could improve commercial ties between Pakistan and Japan. Pakistan wants to improve its links with Japan’s renowned manufacturing, electronics, and automotive sectors by adopting the Japanese language.

Dr. Munir also provided information on the ongoing initiatives to improve the educational infrastructure and boost enrollment. In preparing a trained workforce, he emphasized the need for technical and vocational education.

It would be feasible for graduates from Pakistani universities to look into job possibilities in the manufacturing, engineering, and IT fields by introducing the Japanese language to these schools.

Speaking Japanese well would be essential for obtaining scholarships and promoting a strong socioeconomic alliance between the two countries.

The Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design (PIFD) recently held a thesis exhibition to highlight the outstanding creative work of its final-year students, according to other news. The projects on display in this show, which is open until June 25, come from a variety of fields, including textile design, leather accessories and footwear, furniture and manufacturing, fashion design, fashion marketing and merchandising, ceramic and glass design, and gem and jewelry design.

The showcase, which transformed the PIFD campus into an exhibition area, drew a wide range of visitors, including businesspeople, academics, students, parents, and members of the general public. On the first day, visitors avidly browsed each department’s galleries, praising the graduating students’ artistic accomplishments.

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