Pakistan launches app for women report harassment

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Pakistan launches app for women report harassment

Innovative Mobile App for Harassment Reporting and Resolution Launched

 As the amount of harassment incidents rises, An unexpected yet commendable move starts a new trend in the fight against harassment. A new tool has been developed by the Federal Ombudsman for Harassment that enables anyone, from any location, to report harassment.

Few fields of life and work are unaffected by harassment, a serious problem that affects the entire world, from the laity to prestigious universities. According to reports, 56% of students in higher education institutions experienced harassment in 2019, with 26% of those students being female.

Campuses are revealed to be magnets for these instances by a substantial number of complaints, requiring immediate and innovative action to identify the problem and work toward an effective solution.

The seriousness of the problem is apparent given the numerous cases coming in from all regions of the country, including Bahawalpur and Iqra University in Punjab. The chief security officer of Bahawalpur Islamic University was detained for drug possession, which is a sad story that has come to light. With 857 complaints of harassment so far in 2022, the issue appears to be ongoing.

Workplace Harassment: A Commonly Ignored Issue

For many people, workplace harassment is more than just an uncomfortable scenario; it also gets in the way of job advancement and affects women disproportionately. Pay cuts and refusal of equal opportunity for growth are two distinct manifestations of the same heinous act of harassment. But just as overt harassment demands attention, so too do these underreported and often ignored problems.

The Federal Ombudsman for Harassment has jurisdiction over the protection of domestic employees, both male and female, providing a much-needed channel for reporting and resolving harassment situations. Discrimination in the workplace is also harassment and is illegal. According to reports, there has been an increase in circumstances that encourage male division.

Efforts to End Harassment in Collaboration

The necessity for increased awareness and preventive measures is highlighted by the frequent complaints of harassment in a variety of industries. The Federal Ombudsman for Harassment and the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) are working together to equip students and the general public with the skills and tools necessary to prevent and handle harassment occurrences.

While the specifics of the new mobile application are yet unknown, the action heralds a movement toward a more creative, quick, and approachable method for reporting and resolving harassment. Lowering the barriers to reporting and holding those at fault accountable, is a huge step forward and promises to empower people who have been wronged.

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