NASA invites Bisma Solangi for inventing anti-sleep glasses

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NASA invites Bisma Solangi for inventing anti-sleep glasses

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recognized a Pakistani student named Bisma Solangi for her excellent invention.

To reduce traffic accidents and enhance road safety, the 13-year-old tech prodigy created anti-sleep glasses to prevent drivers from falling off while driving.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration NASA has invited the Karachi student to their camp to improve her skills and produce other inventions that might benefit society as a way of recognizing her work.

In a recent interview, Bisma recognizes Pakistani students’ abilities while stressing the value of patience in attaining outstanding achievements.

As she worked on solutions that may reduce and save precious human lives, Bisma also received recognition.

As drowsiness detection glasses that can be utilized in today’s automobiles, anti-sleep glasses are a topic of research among scientists all over the world. To identify tiredness, it examines several factors, including steering patterns, lane deviations, and driver behavior.

A quick alert is sent out if the glasses notice someone driving falling off because algorithms are used to examine characteristics including eye movement and facial expressions.

By assisting with lane keeping and maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles, such devices could offer extra security features.

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