Aymen Saleem Announces She Has A Guinness World Record

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Aymen Saleem Announces She Has A Guinness World Record

Aymen Saleem is a Pakistani model and actress who appears in Urdu-language TV programs. In Hum TV’s Chupke Chupke Ramadan special, she had her first acting role as Ramisha, alias Mishi. After taking a year off, she made a comeback to television in 2022 to play Pernia in Paristan, another Ramadan drama.

Aymen is also the daughter of former cricket legend Saleem Yousef. She is the niece of the well-known singer Nazia Hassan, therefore her passion for the entertainment industry may run in the family. Saleem is eager about continuing her profession in show business at the age of 25, and some may even argue she is already halfway there.

Aymen recently made an appearance on the Waseem Badami-hosted live show “Har Lamha Pur Josh,” where she spoke about her outstanding achievement. She set a world record by packing a minicar with the doors closed for five seconds while she and 18 other’ Level students from different Karachi universities were inside. Here, you may see the video.

Climb FitTeam of Australia held the previous record with 18 participants. The birthday present from Aymen’s father was this special challenge. Former cricketers Wasim Akram and Saleem Yousuf, as well as federal adviser Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig and Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Khuhro, attended the event, which was arranged by Karim Mohammadi and Rehan Elahi. The girls held onto the automobile for a remarkable 10 seconds, which is twice as long as the previous record.

The hosts aren’t the only ones impressed; her supporters are also, as this was a pretty quiet victory for her. People are now complimenting Aymen Saleem for this as well as her on-screen acting once it has been made public.

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