Govt Restores Old System for Simple Passport Tracking

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Govt Restores Old System for Simple Passport Tracking

The government has made a big move by restarting the SMS service for passport applications after a three-year break, providing individuals with useful information about passport preparation and delivery. A new schedule for issuing tokens to applicants has also been set simultaneously throughout all passport offices in the country.

In an effort to improve and streamline its services, the Directorate General Immigration & Passports (DGIP) has resumed its SMS service, which may be accessed by dialing the code 9988. Through this technique, applicants will now receive notifications on their registered mobile numbers at various stages of the passport processing. These notifications will include information on the receipt of applications, the state of their processing, and the delivery of passports, ensuring that citizens remain up to date on the status of their applications.

Furthermore, the government has established particular times for giving tokens in order to give applicants a more convenient experience. Tokens will be distributed at all passport offices across the country starting at 8:00 am and continuing until 1:00 pm on Mondays through Thursdays, and until 12:00 pm on Fridays. The goal of this scheduling is to shorten wait times and increase the process’ overall effectiveness.

The return of the SMS service and the adoption of token distribution schedules are important advances in the advancement and improvement of passport services, which will ultimately help persons looking for this crucial travel document.

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