Mushtaq Ahmed Praises Babar Azam’s Aggressive Batting Style

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Mushtaq Ahmed Praises Babar Azam's Aggressive Batting Style

Former cricketer Mushtaq Ahmed has commended Pakistan’s white-ball captain, Babar Azam, for adopting a more aggressive batting style over the past year.

The 1992 World Cup champion noted that Babar Azam’s revamped approach has greatly enhanced his performance.

Babar Azam, recently reinstated as Pakistan’s white-ball captain, led the team in the 2024 T20 World Cup.

However, Pakistan experienced an early exit after losing two key group-stage matches to the USA and their arch-rivals, India.

Despite the setback, Mushtaq Ahmed observed that Babar Azam has demonstrated a significant transformation in his batting.

He remarked, “Babar’s intent has changed in the past year. He has shown aggression in his batting. If a person can improve so much, I think that’s enough.”

However, Mushtaq stressed that cricket is a team sport requiring all players’ contributions.

He expressed concerns about the team’s heavy reliance on Babar Azam. He pointed out that while Babar sets a solid foundation, the other players frequently fail to capitalize in the remaining overs.

“Other players also have a responsibility to score runs; they have their roles to play as well.

If one player sets up a good score but the rest of the team fails to capitalize in the last 7-8 overs, then there’s an issue.

This pattern has been occurring for the past 3-4 years. They only score when it doesn’t make a significant impact,” he added.

Mushtaq’s remarks highlight the necessity for a collective effort from the entire team to achieve success, emphasizing the importance of supporting the captain’s efforts with consistent performances from all players.

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