Did Most Recent Bukayo Saka Post on FIFA Mention Babar Azam

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Did Most Recent Bukayo Saka Post on FIFA Mention Babar Azam

Social media users in the country have recently developed an exaggerated sense of national pride, believing that FIFA customizes its social media captions specifically for the Pakistani audience.

This sentiment was sparked when Otis Khan’s picture appeared on FIFA’s page for Eid.

 However, many Pakistani fans are unaware this was a tailored post for Pakistan alone and not shared globally.

Claims have recently emerged suggesting that FIFA’s Instagram page adjusts its content based on users’ geographical locations.

Specifically, it has been alleged that Otis Khan’s Eid picture, a Lionel Messi compilation featuring Arif Lohar’s music, and a recent post of Bukayo Saka with an Urdu caption were designed specifically for Pakistani audiences and were not part of the global content.

Otis Khan, a footballer of Pakistani descent, was featured in a FIFA Instagram post celebrating Eid. This post was claimed to be primarily shown to users in Pakistan due to geo-customization.

Similarly, Bukayo Saka’s post, which included an Urdu caption, was targeted solely at the Pakistani audience and is not visible to the global user base.

Using a VPN can confirm that it is a customized post intended for a specific audience in Pakistan.

The notion that FIFA celebrated Saka’s goal with a Hassan Ali-inspired Instagram post is inaccurate; it was only customized for Pakistani viewers.

Major social media platforms, including Instagram, use sophisticated algorithms to display content that aligns with users’ interests and locations.

 However, direct geo-targeting, where a post is completely restricted to a specific location, is less common.

As a global organization, FIFA aims to engage a diverse audience. While it creates culturally relevant content, there is no substantial evidence to suggest that posts like Otis Khan’s Eid picture or Bukayo Saka’s Urdu-captioned message are exclusively geo-targeted to Pakistan.

Users from various regions, not just Pakistan, have seen these posts.

This indicates broader visibility rather than a restricted, location-specific approach.

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